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Christmas Special

Save 20%

Get ready for your Christmas get togethers and eliminate the mosquitos and other flying pests. Get rid of mosquitos ready for the summer.


GoSano Misquito Gone

We have lowered our prices - not our standards.

From as little as $1 per sq/m you can rid of mosquitos.

And we guarantee our work.

All employees qualified - Infectious Disease Cleaning in Commercial Settings

An environmentally, safe and green alternative to traditional pesticide services and we also guarantee our work.

Completely safe. 

We treat all exposed services using our latest technology equipment to get rid of mosquitos and also.

Effective against

  • Mosquitoes (Mozzies), Midges, Flies, Sand flies

  • Aphids, Ants, Cabbage Moths and other Caterpillars

  • Earwigs, Leafhoppers, Thrips and White flies

  • Silver fish, moths, cockroaches, grain weevils, spiders, earwigs, beetles

  • Other flying insects

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Who We Are

We are trained in Infectious Disease Cleaning and specialists in getting rid of mosquitos and other pest flying insects.

We  achieve the results you expect.

Gosano was steblished to fill the needs of our clients in response to the Covid pandemic and the seasonal mosquito infestations that annoy so many of us.

100% Guaranteed - we do what we say

Upfront pricing - no hidden extras

Exceeds all insurance requirements


AVPMA approval number 53738/54292

Safe and Natural

Safe for you, your clients, family, pets, fish tanks, plants, electronics, furniture, fabric - everything except for the PESTS

Ray of Light

Why our service?

Simple.    Safe.    Effective
Peace of Mind


What we do and how we do it

We kill the flying pests and make your space safe and comfortable for that special occasion. This makes your customers, employees and family feel safe and assured that their comfort is of the utmost importance. Our application is efficient using the latest technology misting equipment so less downtime and interruption to your workplace or home. The application process is simple as our misting machines spray botanical grade natural Pyrethrum to all exposed areas.

Completely safe and effective.

We guarantee our work

The product we use is licensed and registered. Through rigorous testing the product we use had to prove it did what is stated or the Government would not have passed the licensing safety and virucidal indexes for the disinfectant.

What does it cost to rid the mosquitos?

Pricing is fixed at a reduced 20c per square meter and there are no hidden extras. We deliver what we say and for the price we quote. We guarantee all of our work.
500 sqm block = $99
100 sqm block = $199

We operate 24 hours per day 365 days per year

Our price is the same for day and night service. We understand the importance to your business to experience minimal downtime or interruption so we visit your workspace or home at a time suiting your convenience.

*Additional surcharge of 10c per sqm between hours of 7pm and 6pm

Why a Misting Service?

Safer and reaches all the 'hard to reach' places

We use the latest technology fogger machines to apply the approved and proven Pyrthrum to all exposed areas that would harbour the pests like mosquitos etc. All of the hard to reach areas that pests thrive in our misting service finds.

Our service requires no pre-work on your behalf and you do not need to wipe over any surfaces once we are finished. Our misting services creates a safe and effective way of sanitising your space without the worry of something being mist - we target all exposed areas.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
(Leed Accredited)

Qualifies for credits under LEED v4 (check with your Building Manager)

What the Ecologo certification means is that the product we use has been scrutinised for environment impact and human safety, and verified to meet the criteria for certification. The certification and its standards are accepted under the International Green Construction Code. In addition, it qualifies for credits under LEED v4.

Certified UL 2794 - 2012 Standard for Sustainability for Disinfectants and Disinfectant Cleaners)



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